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Gate.io has Burned All Remained Phase Three GT and Announces GT Circ. Supply

2019-10-26 05:39:26 UTCRead:108883

Gate.io has always adhered to the principle of transparency and authenticity, we never wash trade and we value users opinions. Recently,We also have launched Gate.io Live that provides an additional access for users to provide instant feedbacks.

After further investigation and discussions based on the previous user feedback solicitation, we hereby announce that Gate.io will suspend the GT reward with POINT purchase, and will no longer provide POINT purchase service. The remained undistributed Phase Three GT (GT allocated to be burned from September 22, 2019 to April 21, 2019), 7*8,333,333=58,333,331 in total, is burned publicly, the details are as follow:

Gate.io will upgrade the POINT in both Web & Mobile APP. All the GT distributed from September 22 to the date when the upgrade finished will be bought back and burned.

The followings is the data regarding GT circulation supply.

Total supply: 300,000,000
Amount of token burned: 95,341,167 (click here to check out the details)
Current circulating supply: 20,4658,833 (total supply-burned amount)
Actual circulating supply: 163,150,833 (current circ.supply- stored amount)

Stored amount (415,080,000 in total) include:
GT Safety and Law Fund: 40,000,000(click here to check out the details
Fiat-Borrowing/Lending Deposit: 750,000 (please refer to the largest cryto-fiat lending/borrowing platform)
Deposit of Startup Projects: 750,000 (not included in the stored amount)

GT Use Cases Overview

1. Obtain VIP levels
2. Participate in Startup Sales
3. Participate in Top Currencies Special Offers
4. GT Safety and Law Fund
5. Participate in Gate.io HODL & Earn
6. GateChain Vault Account(after Mainnet launch)
7. GateChain PoS Mining (after Mainnet launch)
9. Decentralized trading (after Mainnet launch)
Stay tuned for more innovative products from Gate.io!

GT Burning Records

Gate.io has Burned All Remained Phase Three GT and Announces GT Circ. Supply
Gate.io Startup 20% Discount BTC Sale (No.12) Result Announcement
Gate.io has Burned the Cautionary Deposit of KGC & DILI and Introduce Compensation Scheme

Gate.io Startup 20% Discount EOS Sale (No.11) Result Announcement
Gate.io Startup 20% Discount BTC Sale (No.10) Result Announcement
Gate.io Startup 20% Discount ETH Sale Result Announcement
Gate.io has burned 8.28 Million GT

Gate.io Startup 20% Discount BTC Sale Result Announcement
Gate.io Introduces the Official GT Burning Plan, with over 26,000,000 GT Burned

Gate.io is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.

Get 30% trading fee in the affiliate program at https://www.gate.io/myaccount/myreferrals

Gate.io New Features:
Spot Trading on Gate.io (200+ tokens):https://www.gate.io/trade/BTC_USDT
Margin Trading on Gate.io (Long or Short):https://www.gate.io/margin_trade/BTC_USDT
Perpetual Contract Trading:https://www.gate.io/futures_trade/BTC_USD
Lending on Gate.io (secure and stable, high annual return):https://www.gate.io/margin/lend/USDT
C2C Trading on Gate.io:https://www.gate.io/c2c/usdt_cny
Download Gate.io APP:https://www.gate.io/mobileapp
Download Wallet.io (ALL in ONE):https://www.wallet.io/

Follow us and get updated at (Follow as to win bonus)
Facebook: https://facebook.com/gateioglobal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gate_io

October 26, 2019

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