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Gate.io Blog

Gate.io Blog, The latest official news


20 October

Futures-Backed Bitcoin ETF - A Big Driver of BTC Hitting $60,000

By Edward. H, Gate.io Researcher 【TL; DR】 On October 19th, the first exchange-traded fund(ETF) linked to Bitcoin futures began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The SEC's approval of a Bitcoin futures ETFs is a significant milestone for the crypto industry. Bitcoin ETFs will se...



20 October

Gate.io AMA - Livestream, Review Basic Operation and Fibonacci Basic Knowledge, Oct.11th

Let's review last week's basic operation: How to place an order There are kinds of different ways to play trade: 1.Limit order 2.Stop Order : Set up a assumed price, set up TP and SL. Once the price be triggered, the order will start to run. 3.Ice berg: system will...



18 October

Gate. io AMA : Taking Profit TP and Stop Loss SL, Oct.12th

Q:Many users asked, I am here studying how to earn the profit, so how do I know how much I can earn and how much I will lose? A: Haha, yes, this is a very practical question. Let's get to some details. 1.Basic definition about TP and SL. 1).A stop loss (SL) is a price limit...



15 October

Vitalik Buterin Believes Ethereum May Surpass Bitcoin_ Citi Acts As Crypto Trading Agent_ Russia Won_t Ban Cryptocurrency

Market trends? Latest headlines? What’s happening in the financial markets? Global news? Everything you need to know can be found here with our Gate.io Weekly Newsletter. Important Announcement From Gate.io In response to Chinese government regulations on crypto trading, Gate.io has blocked...



15 October

Introduction to MFI and Its Practical Use in Quantitative Trading

Both trend indicators (e.g. MA, KDJ) and momentum indicators (e.g.ROC, WILLR) can be calculated only by the price. However, it doesn’t adequately reflect all the information about the market in cryptocurrency trading. Data such as trading volume, number of trades and long-short ratio also contain...



14 October

How to claim Contract Bonus

1. Click "$500 Contract Bonus'' on the right bottom of the trading page. Link:https://www.gate.io/futures_trade/USDT/BTC_USDT 2. Click ''Operation'' 3. Find Join Telegram and Click "Do it now'' and complete the task. 4....



14 October

Gate. io AMA : Funding Rate

Q:Today let's study a new rate of Perpetual Contract - Funding Rate. A: Here you go. Q: What is Funding Rate? A: 1.The Funding Fee is a periodic payment made to either long or short position traders, calculated based on the difference between the perpetual contrac...



13 October

Gate. io AMA : Trading Fee Explanation

Q:Today let's go through again about Trading Fees. A: Here you go. Q: Please tell me what are Maker and Taker. A: 1."Maker" is the person who creates the initial BUY or SELL order, which is located on the "Purchase/Sell" ( Orderbook). 2."Taker" is someone who BUY...



12 October

Is Musk’s Tweet the Only Factor Bringing SHIB Eye-Watering Gains?

【TL; DR】 Musk tweeted a picture of his dog Floki on October 4th, causing SHIB price to soar over 3X. Musk has been tweeting about Shiba Inu since May this year. The India Crypto Covid Relief Fund converted the entire donations from Vitalik into stablecoins. Crypto whales’ large-scale p...



11 October

Gate.io AMA - Livestream, indicators review and analysis | Candlesticks, Candlewick

Firstly, let's go through the basic knowledge of Candlesticks, Shadow line, K-line Pattern and Volume bar. Candlestick 1.Red - Bearish Long solid Bearish, means down trend. 2.Green - Bullish, means uptrend. 3.Body of candlesticks 1) Long solid body, very firm situ...


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